Anonymous hacker group launches own social network, Anonplus

Who says hackers shouldn’t have their own social network? The most popular hacker group, Anonymous, recently posted a Twitter message announcing the launching of a new social network, Anon +, CNet, reports.

“Welcome to a new why of thinking about a social network. –”, says the tweet written by @YourAnonNews recently. The link takes the user to the homepage of the website, where Anonplus/ Anon + describes its mission:

“Anonplus was meant to twart [sic] government censorship–so that in the case of a government blackout–the people can still be heard.”, the statement starts, and adds that “the people are so far estranged from their world governments that they do not have a voice–even outside of revolution–therefore, they need an amplification tool without having to fear censorhip [sic] from both the government AND the social network/media that they are choosing to use.” As you can see, the message included some typos, placed intentionally.

The mission statement continues by presenting the advantages of using this social network, such as an educational environment in the sense of gaining information about how to “defend themselves against those who would stand to oppose them”, without having to pay for the information.

Some see this step made by Anonymous as a first try to shape a new class of social individuals and more than that, a first try to put the basis of an “online hacktivist academy”. For starters, the project includes several sections such as Latest News, Documents, Donations, Forums, Art & Screens WebChats, Contacts, and FAQ.

Anonymous, together with another hacker division, LulzSec, has been responsible for numerous hack attacks on business giants ( Sony, Apple, PayPal, Mastercard) and even the Pentagon.

Anonplus’s release comes after an open war declaration from Anonymous to the FBI, made two weeks ago. FBI’s director Steve Chabinsky, sent out a message to the hackers worldwide that “chaos on the internet is not acceptable” and that the Bureau had already arrested a dozen of suspects that may be part of the Anonymous move. “Your threats to arrest us are meaningless to us as you cannot arrest an idea”, Anonymous tweeted.” There is nothing you can possibly to do make us stop”, the message to the Federal Bureau of Investigation concluded.

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