Anne Hathaway Has Nervous Breakdown During “Les Miserables”

NEW YORK (AP) – Anne Hathaway confessed she suffered a nervous breakdown during the filming of her recent flick “Les Miserables”. The actress, who played the part of a sick mother forced to become a prostitute, felt physically and emotionally deprived.

“Les Miserables”, the musical inspired by Victor Hugo’s classical novel set in 1800s Paris, requested a lot of efforts on behalf of the cast. Anne Hathaway, the actress who played the part of Fantine, a French prostitute, nearly suffered a nervous breakdown because of the powerful emotions she was going through during the filming of the movie.

Hathaway went through a series of physical changes in order to perfectly embody the character. She lost 25 pounds and cut all her hair short, but the physical transformations were the easiest to achieve according to the 30-year-old actress.

Anne told reporters at Vogue magazine that getting inside Fantine’s mind has been the most difficult part she had to accomplish. Once her preparation for the part was complete, the actress felt like she had been left in a “state of deprivation, physical and emotional”. Her depression grew so strong that she could barely refrain from getting easily overwhelmed. Luckily, her husband, Shulman, has been very supportive and understanding throughout the whole time, so Anne could eventually overcome the state of anxiety that seized her.

Her recent part in “Les Mis” is not the only subject that was tackled in Vogue’s November issue. The actress also recalled some of the most valuable moments of her wedding ceremony. She and Shulman tied the knot in September during a special ceremony that was held in Big Sur, California. The dress that Hathaway wore was designed by Valentino, according to the actress’ preferences. Anne felt downright flattered by the designer’s will to collaborate with her. In fact, she will always cherish the moments they’ve spent working together.


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