Anne Frank’s The Diary of a Young Girl Vandalized in Public Libraries in Tokyo

The impressive and very popular Anne Frank’s The Diary of a Young Girl is not that appreciated in Japan. It seems that the book has been vandalized in public libraries in Tokyo. 

Anne Frank’s books, as well as many other books about the young girl and the trauma she had been through during the Holocaust, have been vandalized in many public libraries in Tokyo. The first case of this type has been reported earlier this year. 

About 265 damaged books were found in 31 municipal libraries. The books were severely damaged, with dozens of ripped pages. The reason why Japanese don’t like Anne Frank’s Diary or the books about the little girl remains unknown for now. 

Japan and Nazi Germany were allies during World War II. During the war, numerous people became victims of the Holocaust, even though Japan claimed that similar events did not occur in Japan at that time. 

Why and who is targeting books related to Anne Frank remains a mystery. However, it seems that the people doing this know how to leave no mark and remain unseen when damaging the books. Moreover, it seems that at one library in Tokyo all the books that could be found in the online database by the keywords Anne Frank have been destroyed. 

Who does this is a question with no answer for now, but mostly why would anyone target Anne Frank’s books? Investigation has started on the case.

One of the libraries in Tokyo was able to save the books, as it moved them behind the counter, although this cannot really ensure them protection. 

The Diary of Anne Frank was written during the two years in which Anne and her family hid in an apartment during the Nazi occupation in Netherlands. The events naturally occured during World War II. 

An extremely sad story, Anne Frank’s family was found and deported, while the young girl died at the age of only 15 in a concentration camp. Her father was the one who published her journal, after surviving this terrible time, the only member of her family to do so. 

The act of destroying Anne’s diary has already been considered an act of hate. It is unclear yet exactly how many libraries have been affected and if the number of destroyed books has grown.

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