Anna Nicole Smith’s heirs get nothing

On Thursday, the US Supreme Court ruled against Anna Nicole Smith’s claims of her ex husband’s fortune, summing up 1.6 billion dollars. The heirs of the former Playboy Playmate will get nothing, according to the judge’s ruling, AFP reports. Smith’s heirs were aiming for 88 million dollars.

Anna Nicole Smith, one of the most famous Playmates, was married toTexas oil baron J. Howard Marshall in the early ’90. But in 1995 he died, without having included her into his will. She started the legal procedures for an inheritance 15 years ago.  Since then, she and other original protagonists of the legal actions have died. This made the case even more difficult for the US court. The process began in 1995, a short while after Marshall’s death. Anna Nicole, who was 27 years old at the time, discovered that despite de fact that her late husband had promised her that he would include her in his will, leaving her 300 million dollar from the then estimated entire fortune of 1.6 billion dollars, Marshall left all his earnings and goods to his son, Pierce Marshall.
Since then, the case has been opened in several jurisdictions: Louisiana, Texas, California. In 2006 it finally reached the US Supreme Court, which granted Smith the opportunity to try once again to get a part of the money by sending the case back to the courts. Meanwhile, Pierce Marshall had died and had left his heirs to continue the legal battle.

Anna Nicole Smith died in February 2007 of a drug overdose, in a Florida hotel room. Five months before that, her son, Daniel, who was 20 tears old, died, too. Since that time, the only heir to battle for the fortune was Anna’s daughter, Dannielynn who was only seven months old when her mother was found dead. She was represented by attorney Howard Stern, Smith’s former boyfriend. The little girl is in the custody of her father, photographer Larry Birkhead.

On Thursday, the court ruled in favor of Marshall’s legal heirs, leaving Smith’s descendant with nothing from the southern mogul’s fortune.

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  1. Personally, I think most of these "justice" shows are ridiculous anyway, but please, let’s not encourage jurists to use real-life publicized cases as back doors to landing their own shows. Seidlin belongs back in traffic court, not with a weekly on-screen gig.

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