Ann Curry Temporarily Back To “TODAY”

Us Weekly reports that Ann Curry is temporarily back to “TODAY” to co-anchor the morning program from Aurora, Colorado. Savannah Guthrie, the journalist who has replaced her, will join Curry on Saturday and Sunday as they keep viewers informed about “The Dark Knight Rises” tragedy.

Ann Curry’s replacement from the “Today” show has caused much discontent among her fans. NBC, however, reassured them that they will try to find a better position for her as the role of co-anchor didn’t seem to suit her very well. Nobody believed their statement and yet, after less than one month from her departure, Ann Curry was asked to co-anchor the morning program with her replacement Savannah Guthrie.

The 55-year-old news journalist will temporarily come back to “Today” as she will have to co-anchor the show only for the weekend. She and Savannah Guthrie will fly to Aurora, Colorado to report on the aftermath of James Holmes’ theater shooting during the showing of “The Dark Knight Rises”. Curry did not have time to make any comments about her brief return on the show, but we don’t expect her to be very happy about it.

Ann left the show on June 29 after an emotional speech. While NBC was trying to explain that Curry’s journalistic style is not appropriate for the morning show, new reports claimed Matt Lauer insisted on getting her fired. Despite this, the anchorwoman managed to hide any rivalry existing between them and to deliver a heartfelt farewell during her last day on the show.

She told her viewers that she loved them and that she wanted to “give them the world”. Curry reassured everyone that her feelings for the public will stay the same irrespective of her career evolution. She apologized to all those who believed she was a groundbreaker because she didn’t manage “to carry the ball over the finish line”. 

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