Ann Curry Rumored To Leave NBC

Although NBC hasn’t come forward with an official announcement yet, Thursday morning’s show gave a lot of hints that Anny Curry is going to leave the network. The New York Daily News wrote that yesterday morning, viewers on “The Today Show” could see a Dead Ann Walking.

Anny Curry was first rumored to leave NBC Wednesday afternoon. Sources close to NBC executives say that the co-host is going to be replaced on “The Today Show”, following weeks of negotiations with the network. Apparently the network is planning to drop Ann Curry as co-host before the beginning of the Summer Olympics.

The sources added that Wednesday morning, NBC had already convinced Hoda Kotb to fill in for Ann Curry as of yesterday’s show. In fact, it seems that the staff on “The Today Show” received memos announcing Kotb’s presence instead of Curry’s. However, despite the rumors, Ann Curry hosted “The Today Show” without saying anything about her potential departure.

As soon as Curry tweeted to her 1.2 million followers “Good morning”, messages started pouring in. Fans were leaving her affectionate messages and had her name trending within one hour. The co-host didn’t answer any of the messages, but as the New York Daily News points out her body language during Thursday’s show indicated something was wrong.

Sources within NBC say that the network hasn’t yet come up with a replacement for Curry. According to the rumors, Savannah Guthrie is likely to replace Ann Curry on “The Today Show”. She is the 9 a.m. host as well as legal correspondent for NBC. In fact, yesterday she went live on the show to talk about the developments in the Jerry Sandusky trial.

TMZ.com writes that NBC has been trying to replace Ann Curry for weeks now. Apparently NBC News special correspondent Vieira was given the job, but she turned it down. Meanwhile, New York Times reports that Ann Curry has retained the services of Robert B. Barnett to represent her in the negotiations with NBC for another job.

One source told the New York Times that Ann Curry “got her dream job, and she doesn’t want to let it go”. Same source added that the network might give Curry a job as a foreign correspondent which would give her the chance to act her preference for real journalistic subjects.

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  1. Ann do not accept anything from NBC…..they allowed Matt Lauer to oust you …when he should have been the one to exit. Your class, talent and experience will sustain….TODAY will not! “Tomorrow is another day ”
    Scarlett O’Hara….

  2. Matt Lauer needs to go not Ann Curry. He is a live rattlesnake plotting behind Ann’s back. I am sure that Ann’s Japanese heritage was involved in the descision. Savannah is the typical white that they want on the anchor desk. I have watched for years, when Ann leaves, I will not watch NBC period.

  3. Shame that Ann has to go. Savannah Gurthrie replacing her . and especially for the Summer games ? they cant be serious !.Ann has ‘class’ and she is pretty and looks darn good for her 52 years.Well. their loss is another’s gain. Ann , you will be better off in the long run. God bless you.

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