Angus T. Jones: ‘Please Stop Watching “Two and a Half Men”

Angus T. Jones, the young actor who plays the half in CBS’ comedy “Two and a Half Men” made a video asking people to stop watching the series. The 19-year-old star claims the show is full of “filth” and confessed he doesn’t want to be on it anymore, TMZ reports.

After Charlie Sheen’s departure, “Two and a Half Men” is once again in danger of being cancelled. This time, however, it was Angus T. Jones, the young actor who plays the part of the half, who drew the media’s attention on the show.

The discussion began after a Christian church posted one of Jones’ videos on the internet in which he criticizes the series. The actor claims the sexual jokes and innuendos used in the series conflict with his Christian beliefs, so Jones seriously considers leaving the show. Angus was thought to respect the Bible, which is why he cannot continue to play Jake on the television show. “You cannot be a true God-fearing person and be on a television show like that,” he added.

Jones has been on the show since he was 10 years old, but he had no problem with the morality of the series so far. He plays the part of Jake, the son of chiropractor Alan and the nephew of Charlie Sheen. Unlike Charlie Sheen or his replacement, Ashton Kutcher, Jones doesn’t have to get involved in obscene jokes; he is either not interested in girls or too lazy to care about anything else except food. Despite this, Angus still feels there is a strong peer-pressure and he fears this could affect his Christian beliefs.

The actor asked people to stop watching “Two and a Half Men” because it is bad for their brains. He further suggested them to stop filling their heads with “filth”. CBS producers were not available for comments when reporters contacted them.

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