Angry Birds, The Cartoon Series, Coming Out This Fall

It goes without saying: Rovio is a company that managed to reinvent product marketing at a time when it felt that the market can’t be blown away that easily. But Rovio’s Angry Birds has become part of the pop culture and everybody from young children to grandparents is playing the game. Now, the company is expanding its Angry Birds world into cartoon series. The children’s cartoon series is expected to come out this fall.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Rovio is currently on the lookout for television partners that will run its Angry Birds cartoon series. The avian avengers will be going through 52 episode challenges, long two to three minutes. You can watch some episodes featuring the Angry Birds on YouTube.

Head of animation Nick Dorra with Rovio said that the company is producing the episodes in house at its studios in Finland, but they are looking for more co-production partners. Nick Dorra was present in Cannes were Rovio presented a 90 second preview of the Angry Birds cartoon series.

The preview featured adventures of the Angry Birds in Space, but the overall 52 episodes carry the avian avengers throughout all the previous game versions. Nick Dorra appeared before her audience in Cannes wearing a bright red hoodie with an Angry Bird blazon while she talked about the company’s plans to have Angry Birds “on all screens”.

If Rovio is “going to roll out a weekly animation series later this year of shortform content”, the Angry Birds movie is still in the works, and according to Nick Dorra, the long feature won’t be released for several years. “It’s in development, but it won’t be out in 2013 or 2014. You’ll have to bide your time and first watch all of our shorts” added Rovio’s head of animation.

With over 130 million people playing Angry Birds daily, the company has the opportunity to make something out of it, apart from just a game. Their purpose is to turn Rovio into an entertainment company and they’ve already made the first successful steps with the release of their plush toys, snacks and even the Angry Birds cookbook.

The future brings Angry Birds fans the animated series, a movie and even an U.K theme park.

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