Angelina Jolie wants the Children to Stay Away of Brad Pitt

It seems that things have not become better in the relationship of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The rumors are saying that Angelina is doing her best to keep the children away from their father. Brad is allegedly still fighting for the custody of his six children, but Angelina is not yet ready to settle. 

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt separated in September, 2016. Since the separation, the couple’s six children have been living with Angelina in a rental house in Los Angeles. It has been reported that during this time Brad was only granted the right to have occasional supervised visits with the children. 

Well, a new report from Hollywood Life claimed that Angelina is not very happy with the fact that Brad is fighting so hard for the custody. “Angelina is really upset, she didn’t think [Brad Pitt] would fight this hard for the kids — she thought he would roll over and she would get her way,” one source said. “But Brad’s vowed to do everything in his power to gain as much custody of the kids as possible. He’s not going to just cave in and allow Angie to play her games,” the same insider went on to add. 

The source went on to say that Angelina really believed that she would be able to cut her former husband out of the children’s’ lives, but of course, she cannot do so. “He’s their dad for heaven’s sake, he has the right to see them,” the source said. The insider added that because Angelina doesn’t want Brad to have more rights when it comes to the children, and Brad is not willing to give up, the divorce of the two Hollywood stars is going to get a whole lot nastier. 

Both Angelina and Brad have remained away of the public’s eye ever since the divorce was first announced. It has not been revealed if the actress will allow her former husband to spend Christmas with the children. The children spent Thanksgiving with their mother and Brad did not see them.

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