Angelina Jolie to collaborate with Pedro Almodovar?

During the 2012 American Cinematheque gala that was hosted on Saturday night Angelina Jolie and Pedro Almodovar promised each other to collaborate in the future, says Reuters. The discussion took place on the red carpet as the two filmmakers were releasing interviews related to their Golden Globes nominations.
The first-time director Angelina Jolie was releasing an interview on the red carpet in the immediate proximity of the Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar. At a certain point, the two competitors for the Golden Globes category of the best foreign language movie stopped and looked at each other with the intention to exchange a few words.

Pedro Almodovar made a joke in relation to his ability to improvise in English, but Angelina Jolie was determined to make business. She asked the Spanish filmmaker whether he would like to collaborate with her in the making of a new movie. Almodovar immediately responded that he is willing to start a project with the famous actress.

The 37-year-old actress did not want to reveal other details in the presence of the cameras. As a matter of fact, she clearly specified that she would like to discuss the topic of the new film “when all the cameras are gone”.

The two directors were preoccupied on Saturday night about their Golden Globes nominalizations, so they did not insist on making any plans for the future. Angelina Jolie was nominated for her war movie “In the Land of Blood and Honey”, whereas Almodovar was present at the awards for his sci-fi thriller “The Skin I Live In”.

Meanwhile, the two movies did not obtain a trophy for the best foreign language film. The winner of the category was “A Separation” created by the Iranian director Asghar Farhadi. The movie tells the story of a couple from Iran who tries to flee the country with their young daughter. Unfortunately, their plans don’t turn out as expected and their marriage gets affected.

Although Angelina Jolie’s film was not awarded this year, she, nevertheless, managed to get nominated a few months after the official release of the movie. Hopefully, her next movie will become much more popular.


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