Angelina Jolie Talks Oscars Leg Phenomenon

After overshadowing this year’s edition of the Academy Awards with her exaggerated pose, Angelina Jolie has finally agreed to talk about the Oscars leg phenomenon with reporters at Huffington Post. The actress declares that she was not bothered by critics; on the contrary, she didn’t even pay attention to them.

Angelina Jolie wore a high-cut black velvet dress made by designer Versace at the 2012 Oscar Awards. Unlike her previous public appearances, this time fashion experts didn’t criticize her slim figure or her dress, but her strikingly evident leg pose. Jolie was desperately trying to get her leg noticed ever since she first stepped on the Red Carpet.

The leg phenomenon began before the Oscar ceremony was over thanks to the digitally modified pictures that were spread across the Internet, as well as the Twitter and Facebook accounts that were dedicated to the actress’ leg. The leg pose was added to almost every picture representing the Statue of Liberty or the Moon landing. In addition, actor Jim Rash mocked Angelina Jolie’s position on stage right after she introduced the nominees for the category of the Best Adapted Screenplay award.

Reporters at Huffington Post asked the 36-year-old director what was her impression of the leg phenomenon which was highly discussed on the Internet. The “Tourist” star declared that she didn’t even pay attention to those discussions, so she was not really bothered by them. Jolie confessed that she is rarely curious to see what people say or write about her in magazines. In fact, the actress is usually surrounded by people who don’t pay attention to such trifle aspects and, thanks to them, she manages to remain indifferent to criticism.

Angelina Jolie used to be described as the most beautiful woman in Hollywood, but her image suffered various modifications in the past years as the actress is no longer interested in portraying herself as a sexy woman, but rather as a talented actress, a devoted mother and a Good Will Ambassador. Fashion critics, on the other hand, claim that the director of “In The Land Of Blood And Honey” adopted the leg position precisely because she wanted to draw the media’s attention towards her. 

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  1. Actresses will go to any lengths it seems to remain in the spotlight. Sex sells, and they know it. That must be why plastic surgery/botox has become even more important to get the major rolls in movies…rather pathetic I think. Every wriinkle I have I’ve earned and am proud of. You can still age and be beautiful.

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