Angelina Jolie Moving On?

It appears that famous actress Angelina Jolie is moving on, following her 2016 separation from Brad Pitt. Angelina and Brad, who were a couple for many years, filed for divorce last year. Now, it seems that Angelina has found a special man, as the star was spotted in the company of a mystery guy in Disneyland.

Angelina was actually at Disneyland with the children, but it appears that the famous family was also accompanied by someone else. This someone was a mystery man, whose identity was not revealed. The only thing mentioned at this point is that this person could possibly be a “famous” one. The Disneyland visit took place on July 12, and it seems that the family had a special reason to celebrate. It was the birthday of Angelina’s twins, Vivienne and Knox, who turned 9.

“Angelina did have a friend with her at Disneyland yesterday, and my coworker at Disneyland who saw them together said, ‘It was a famous person, cause I know his face, but I don’t know who it was,’ ” a Disneyland artist said according to Hollywood Life. “She was with some other guy. But I couldn’t tell you who,” the same person added.

“I don’t know how romantic her date could have been with this famous guy if she was with a bunch of her kids but, my friend saw him and recognized him, but did not know who he was. A mystery date man, if it was a date,” the same artist explained. So, this means that it is yet unclear if this man and Angelina were in a way or another linked, but they did seem to be enjoying their time together.

Previously, some insiders claimed that Angelina really liked her single life and was actually thinking about staying single for the moment, focusing on being a mom and not looking for a serious relationship. As always, this report has not been confirmed, so it is yet to find out if the claims are true and if Angelina is dating someone at the moment.

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  1. Bodyguard? Last week’s news honey. Why do this?

    I truly hope she finds her peace and joy within. I don’t know what she’s waiting for.

  2. I hope she does move on. Angelina is such a nice person but some times so much beauty comes with a crazy soul. It’s hard to have them all in life.

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