Angelina Jolie is dealing with New Health Problems

According to some new rumors, famous actress Angelina Jolie might be dealing with some new health problems. It has been claimed that the star was previously diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, but she is also suffering from varicose veins. The new rumors were shared by Radar Online, which talked to a source close to the star.

It has been claimed that varicose veins is a condition that can lead to life-threatening blood clots for the famous actress. The insider said that Angelina is not only worried about the health concerns, but she is also considering the issue to be very unappealing for her looks, so she wants the veins to be removed. Apparently, she is ready to undergo a medical procedure for this.

“Angie knows ‘stripping’ the veins will hurt, and she’ll be off her feet for weeks. But she’s tired of having to cover up all the time,” the source explained. “People will have a field day if they ever see how veiny her legs have become! She’s really self-conscious about it,” the same insider went on to add. The source explained that several doctors have also told Angelina that the varicose veins can have some serious health risks if left untreated.

“Angie’s been told that because she travels by plane so much, those spidery veins could develop into deep vein thrombosis. After all the terrifying health issues she’s been through the past few years, that really scared her,” the source said. The insider claimed that Angelina has a lot of trips scheduled in the near future.

“Her doctors are begging her to make a decision now before she suffers more dire consequences than revealing a couple of unsightly veins on her legs!” the source explained. As imagined, there is no official confirmation on these rumors for the moment.

Angelina Jolie has been in the media attention ever since her divorce from famous husband Brad Pitt. She filed for divorce last year and numerous rumors were linked to this subject. Some claimed that the two stars were planning on getting back together, while others said that there was no room for a reconciliation in this relationship.

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