Angelina Jolie Gives Up Acting

LOS ANGELES (The Wrap) – Being a mother of six has become so difficult for Angelina Jolie that the actress has decided to give up acting in order to dedicate all her time to her family. The “Magnificent” star hasn’t provided an exact date for her retirement, but it will most likely take place when her kids become teenagers.

Angelina Jolie’s Hollywood projects have diminished after she became a mother in 2002. The actress repeatedly stated that she prefers to spend most of her time with her children because they are her number one priority at present. In time, she has come to realize that acting is not as rewarding as it used to be and is willing to direct all her attention to other aspects of her life.

The Oscar-winning actress was unable to specify the exact moment when she will retire from the movie industry, but she could, nevertheless, approximate that it will take place when her children “hit the teenage years”. Since she will have “too much to manage at home”, Jolie thinks it is better to hit the brakes of her movie career.

Being an actress has given Jolie the possibility to have “great experiences”, as well as to be part of stories that really mattered. Despite her gratitude, the Oscar-winning actress wouldn’t regret a thing if she had no other projects to attend to because she could thus dedicate all her time to her family chores.

There is another activity that Angelina Jolie would gladly take up besides taking care of her children, that is, being a UNHCR Special Envoy. Brad Pitt’s fiancée told the press that she will continue her humanitarian work, no matter how busy her schedule may be. In fact, motherhood has contributed to Jolie’s desire to “be part of the world in a positive way”.

Jolie’s longtime partner, Brad Pitt shares her interest in retirement. The actor declared in an interview last year that he might stop acting in three years. When asked to confirm the news, the star replied that he did not “put an exact deadline”, but he is definitely considering retirement because he has other interests.

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