Angelina Jolie Doesn’t want Brad Pitt to be prosecuted

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt may not be in the best terms possible, but it seems that the famous actress doesn’t want her estranged husband to be prosecuted. According to a new report from TMZ, Angelina will refuse to talk to the police if charges will be filed against her ex. 

Brad Pitt has been accused of abusing the couple’s oldest son, Maddox, who is 15 years old. Of course, the allegations are linked to the so much debated plane incident which involved Angelina, Brad and Maddox. Brad has allegedly been verbally and physically abusive towards Maddox in a private plane. Angelina reportedly moved out with the children a day after this incident. 

So, a source talking to TMZ said that Angelina will remain silent if authorities are trying to prosecute Brad. The insider claimed that Angelina wants what is best for her children and her main priority is to look out for the kids, not punish her former husband. TMZ reported that the actress may be questioned on the case, as she initially told social workers that Brad hit Maddox in the face during the plane dispute. 

However, Angelina may be safe from testifying, as several reports claimed that there is not enough evidence against the actor for prosecutors to be able to build a case. Some sources claimed that there is “no way to conclusively prove Brad intentionally inflicted harm on his son.” Of course, Brad Pitt denied the allegations made against him.  

And naturally, numerous other sources confirmed Brad’ claims and said that the actor never abused his children. A Hollywood Life report actually said that during his first meeting with the children since the divorce filing, Brad has actually broke down. According to the celebrity site, the actor’s union with the children was very emotional and actually the kids asked him to take them home. 

“Once the kids came in, [Brad Pitt] lit up. He had tears in his eyes and tried to hold it together because he didn’t want them to get upset because he was crying. The visit was gut-wrenching: Vivienne, 8, and Zahara, 11, both started crying, asking when they could go home,” a source said.

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