Angelina Jolie directed her first movie, “In The Land of Blood and Honey”

“In The Land of Blood and Honey” is the first movie directed by actress Angelina Jolie who debuted as film director this Friday during the promotion of her official trailer, Reuters journalists state.

The movie was inspired by the long lasting conflicts between Bosnia and Serbia offering viewers a fresh perspective on the timeworn themes of love and war. Judging by the sequences of the movie trailer, it seems like the fresh director has managed to successfully intertwine war and love scenes to create a unitary structure. At the end of the preview, the two lines “Love can change what we want” and “War can change who we are” cast a shadow of mystery on the movie as viewers can’t intuit what the storyline of the film will be.

The shooting of the movie took place last year, but Bosnians were not thrilled about this project. A group of female victims of the war criticized Jolie’s endeavor because they thought the movie was about a Muslim woman from Bosnia falling in love with one of the Serbian enemies. The group even convinced the government to stop the shooting of the movie and the film permit was immediately canceled.

Angelina Jolie managed to calm critics back then by telling them that the movie does not necessarily depict a relationship between a Bosnian war-victim and a Serbian criminal. Without spoiling the viewers’ surprise, the 36-year-old actress urged protesters to wait for the release of the movie as the plot contains many twists that could make them change their mind.

It is not only the movie that the Oscar-winning actress has produced, but also the script. She also directed a documentary, but the film was never aired on the big screen. The leading roles are interpreted by Zana Marjanovic and Goran Kostic, two Bosnian newcomers who contribute to the local color of the movie due to their authentic interpretations. “In The Land of Blood and Honey” was shot both in English and Serbo-Croat languages, so there will be two versions of the same film. The release date for the English version is December 23.

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