Angelina Jolie and the Children are interviewed by the FBI

It appears that the investigation into the alleged wrongdoing of famous actor Brad Pitt remains ongoing. According to the latest reports, Brad Pitt’s estranged wife, Angelina Jolie, and the children are being interviewed by FBI agents. Of course, the interviews are conducted in relation to allegations of verbal and physical abuse allegedly committed by the famous actor while being with his family on a private plane. 

TMZ and People Magazine reported that the interviews with Angelina and the children lasted no less than three hours. Two FBI agents interviewed the famous family and wanted to find out a series of information about the alleged incident. People previously claimed that most likely the FBI will not pursue charges against the star, but it is yet to see which the outcomes of its investigation will be. 

Reports said that officials were mostly interested in information such as exactly when the argument between Brad, Angelina and one of the kids occurred. One of the issues in this case has been linked to jurisdiction. The incident occurred mid-flight, as the former couple was returning from France to the US. The agents tried to find out the exact location of the airplane at the time of the incident, as there could be some jurisdiction issues if the incident happened outside the US. 

The FBI is not the only authority looking into the case. In fact, the LA County Department of Children and Family Services has also launched an investigation into the incident and has called in for talks both Brad and Angelina. This investigation also remains ongoing. The former couple has been cooperative with investigators. 

A previous report claimed that Angelina did not want Brad Pitt to be prosecuted, as the star does not wishes him to be harmed in any way. Allegedly, Angelina is only thinking about what is best for the children. Reportedly, Angelina and Brad are waiting for the conclusion of the investigation conducted by the LA County Department of Child and Family Services before reaching an agreement on the custody of their six children.

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