Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt temporarily move to London

It definitely seems that numerous celebrities are willing to stay away from Hollywood and all the media attention they are getting in the US.

And Angelina Jolie and her husband Brad Pitt are only the latest celebrity couple to choose to get a home outside of the US. So, it has recently been revealed that the famous pair has decided to move to London. 

The news was first reported by US Weekly, which claimed that Angelina and Brad, along with their six children, have found a home in London and have moved there at the end of February.

According to some sources talking to the magazine, the pair has not purchased a house, but they will be living in an eight-bedroom rental, for no less than $21,000 a month. 

The insider clarified that Angelina and Brad have not yet made the decision to permanently move to London, but they were actually opting for a temporary stay, as the famous family will be close to Brad, while he is working at his upcoming movie, “World War Z 2.” Well, maybe the pair will love London so much that they will decide to remain there. 

While Brad will be filming his latest movie, Angelina will actually be focusing on her political projects. The couple’s children are expected to enroll in The Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle school, in London. The family will be staying in Surrey, a London suburb, and actually they will be quite close to George Clooney’s home. 

The insider claimed that the family has been enjoying the time spent in London so far. According to the report, they explored the city and the kids received some presents for their new playroom from Angelina. Without a doubt, they seem to be a very happy family, regardless of the numerous rumors that have been on indicating that Brad and Angelina were planning on separating. 

When it comes to the numerous changes that happen in their lives because of the trips they need to make for their careers, Angelina previously confessed that it is not simple, but “we’ll have to gauge it, make some adjustments.” 

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