Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are Not Getting Divorced

When it comes to famous couples, it seems that there always are some rumors on indicating that they plan on separating. Well, it seems that rumors still continue when it comes to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. According to some recent reports, the pair was ready to file for divorce. 

The news was published in the latest issue of the National Enquirer, which indicated that Angelina and Brad were getting a $480 million divorce, after only 15 months of marriage. The report indicated that the marriage ended due to a cheating scandal. Angelina was the one accused of being unfaithful to her marriage. 

The report published some photos of the actress on the set of her new movie, in Cambodia. The photos showed Angelina talking to an unidentified crew member and said that the actress was “two-timing” her husband. The magazine also cited an insider, which confirmed that things had ended between the two. “To Brad, it’s emotional cheating. He got word from sources on the set and he exploded!,” the source said. 

The same insider claimed that Angelina’s close relationship with this man became widely known among the cast and the crew of the movie. However, the insider said that Angelina did not care too much about this, as she was really “enamored with this man.” Well, the report was denied by Gossip Cop, which claimed that the whole story was not true. 

Furthermore, the same thing was said about another report which indicated that Brad was also seeing another woman, being spotted having some drinks with a blonde. Well, this is not the first report of this kind. In fact, a quite similar report was published back in March, when it was also claimed that the marriage of Angelina and Brad ended. 

Each time, the rumors turned out to be untrue, so it surely seems that Angelina and Brad are still happy together. The two have six children and have recently worked together in movie By the Sea. The pair claimed that this was a great experience for them and it actually made their family stronger. 

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