Angelina and Brad Pitt Divorce and Adoption Rumors

Angelina Jolie and her famous husband Brad Pitt are once again hit by rumors. According to the latest rumors, the pair is dealing with some serious marriage issues, which might actually lead to a divorce. The rumors were reported by Radar Online, which claimed that the couple is desperately trying to save their marriage. 

The report indicated that Brad tried to save his marriage by taking Angelina on an exotic vacation, but unfortunately things did not work out the way the famous actor expected. “He hoped that he and Angie could reignite the spark between them, but all they did was scream at each other,” an insider said according to the celebrity site. 

“Angie even humiliated Brad by telling him she’s no longer attracted to him because he looks fat, bloated and old,” it went on to add. The source also claimed that things got really bad between the two. “It got so bad at one point that Angie bolted and ran off!”

However, the insider said that despite this event, Brad was not discouraged and the famous actor planned another vacation hoping that it would help his marriage. So, the pair alongside their six children went for a vacation in Thailand. “Despite a luxurious holiday that cost $1 million, Brad and Angie are worse off than ever. The vacation solidified the belief that their marriage is beyond repair. A divorce is definitely coming this year,” the source revealed. 

Without a doubt, this is not the first time when such rumors emerge when it comes to this famous couple. However, Angelina and Brad have managed to remain together, so maybe the rumors will not be confirmed this time, either. 

Meanwhile, it has also been rumored that the pair plans on adopting a new child. So, speculation emerged on the couple’s possible intention to expand their family by adopting a child from Cambodia. Well, the rumors were soon dismissed, as a Cambodia government spokesperson said that this was not true. Angelina and Brad have previously surprised everyone with their decision to expand their family, but it is yet to see if this time the report will turn out being true. 

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