Angel Erin Heatherton Supports Victoria’s Secret Use Of Airbrushing

Model angel Erin Heatherton told Fashionista she supports Victoria’s Secret intensive use of airbrushing women’s bodies in catalogues. She has faith that young, vulnerable girls are too smart to think the images in Victoria’s Secret catalogues are real.

Photoshop addicts with fashion magazines are pushing the limits to photo editing to a whole new level. But more and more people catch on the edit and immediately hit back with criticism. The companies that are using them, however, are put under scrutiny. Fashionista asked model Erin Heatherton about her take on Photoshopping models.

It’s not when a Photoshop god messes up his editing that gets people all angry, but when the editing exaggerates a woman’s skinny body. Candice Swanepoel and Karlie Kloss are just the latest models to get the Photoshop treatment. A lot of people are worried that young girls might have depressions and other health problems trying to look like the models in print ads, not knowing those are not actual bodies.

But Victoria’s Secret Erin Heatherton thinks all the criticism against Photoshopping models is a waste of time. And photo editing is acceptable, since “we’re not selling reality; we’re selling a story”. “I think it’s people’s own prerogative to be able to look at something and know the difference between ‘this is what someone looks like with makeup on’ and ‘this is how they look like in real life” Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend said.

As a matter of fact, children “should be taught in schools” and by their parents how to make the “difference between what’s real and what’s not”. “It’s not a fair message” said Erin Heatherton about fashion magazines using Photoshop to making the waist look smaller for instance, but in the end “healthy body image is not something that you’re going to learn from fashion magazines”.

The Victoria’s Secret model is confident that Photoshopping models isn’t putting young girls at risk, saying she believes everybody is intelligent enough not to fall prey to the myth of the perfect magazine body. And according to Erin Heatherton it’s not Photoshop that’s the problem, but people not “knowing their own body”, not “having strength in their own body image and their own confidence”.

We’re sure that the 7 million girls and adult women with an eating disorder struggling to reach the perfect body their favorite model has in catalogues feel much better now.

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