Andy Rooney passed away

“60 Minutes” show commentator Andy Rooney passed away on Friday, CBS reports. He was 92 years old. CBS says that his death occurred due complications following a recent minor surgery.
The legendary news commentator from”60 Minutes” had to go back to hospital at the end of October, as complications from his last surgery arose. At the time, CBS announced that the doctors have stabilized him and more detailed information about his state won’t be revealed, as his family wants to keep privacy.

Andy Rooney was the face of “A few Minutes with Andy Rooney”, from the news program “60 Minutes”, aired on CBS. He spent over three decades commenting the news, making the oddest, funniest associations anyone could think of. His final appearance on the show was on October 2, this year. About two weeks later he underwent a minor surgery. He was stable and was released from the hospital. But on October 25, he was rushed back after developing “serious complications”.

Andy Rooney is survived by his four children: twins Emily and Martha, daughter Ellen and son Brian. Emily Rooney was an ABC News producer and is currently hosting a public affairs program in Boston. Martha is a Chief of the Public Services Division at the National Library of Medicine in Bethesda. Ellen is a photographer and Brian is a correspondent for ABC.

Rooney’s wife, Marguerite, with whom he has been married for 62 years, passed away in 2004.
“Words cannot adequately express Andy’s contribution to the world of journalism and the impact he made — as a colleague and a friend — upon everybody at CBS” CEO Leslie Moonves said.

“Andy always said he wanted to work until the day he died, and he managed to do it, save the last few weeks in the hospital”, colleague Steve Kroft said.

Andy Rooney’s inspiring appearance will be missed by all the “60 Minutes” fans.

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