Andy Rooney Back In Hospital

Andy Rooney was re-hospitalized on Tuesday after showing real complications following his previous surgery. CBS stated that the “60 Minutes” essay writer’s condition is stable at the moment and refrained from releasing more information about his medical condition or the whereabouts of the hospital he is in at the moment, following the request of Rooney’s family.

Throughout his career, Rooney won three Emmys talking on television about a variety of topics starting with debating news to aspects concerning day to day life and language, culminating with the topic that brought him one of the Emmys: was there an actual Mrs. Smith behind the Mrs. Smith’s pies. He had an unique ability to talk about the most common topics and turn them into something incredibly relevant and vivid for his audience. He could alternate from talking about the latest news to what he had for breakfast or hid in his closet and have the same undivided attention from his public.

The 92 year old writer started his television career in 1978 with the show “A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney”, which was concluding the Sunday program. During October 2nd’s “60 Minutes” he presented his final essay, the 1097th of his career, declaring he dreaded the moment and wished he could go on doing what he loved forever.

Although famous and loved by his audience, Rooney likes to keep to himself and as such he advices whoever spots him in a public place to better let him be.

His career as a writer had him working for the military Stars and Stripes newspaper, unraveling World War II mysteries in his four books dedicated to the subject, writing for entertainers such as Arthur Godfrey and Garry Moore or for the newsman Harry Reasoner.

He started his collaboration with the “60 Minutes” show once its producers wanted a punching line for the last minutes of the air time. Rooney’s first work for the show was presented during the July 2nd edition of 1978 and had as topic the morbid habit that many people display by showing a vivid interest in keeping score of the auto accidents that take place during holiday seasons.

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