Android Wear Smartwatch to Cost between $99 and $149

Reports reveal that the new Android wear smartwatch will be out soon and will cost between $99 and $149. 

Both Google and Apple seem to be very much interested in this new market. So, both these companies have extended their interest beyond smartphones, tablets and computers. Smartwatches are becoming more and more popular, so there is no wonder that both these companies are interested in investing in this market. 

So, this month is has been revealed that ASUS has also developed a smartwatch, which will be affordable for a large category of individuals, as it will cost between $99 and $149. These wearable devices have been developed by a variety of companies, including Sony, Samsung and Pebble. Apple is expected to release its first smartwatch this fall, as well. 

There is no wonder after all that Google has shown interest in this market, too. The Android Wear, as the new smartwatch is named, is said to be extremely useful, as it offers simple usage and great comfort. It can help users stop checking their phones so often. However, it is important to mention that the watches require compatible phones which run the most current version of Android. 

Reports reveal that 1 billion people use Android devices nowadays. Consequently, we can surely say that the popularity of these devices is in continuous growth. An affordable smartwatch will become a great option for all individuals who want more advanced technique, much simpler. 

How popular smartwatches will become is something yet to be discovered. However, what is certain is that more people are becoming interested in such devices, while more companies are developing these smartwatches. Reports have earlier revealed that Apple is also working at the release of such a product. As already mentioned, the smartwatch will most likely be available in sale this fall. It is yet to discover how this product will look and moreover how the audience is going to receive it. 

Meanwhile, people interested in such a product may opt for the Android smartwatch. Google promises to offer an amazing product, so most likely the device meets all expectations. 

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