Android Loses Market Shares To iOS; Continues To Dominate The Smartphone Market

Android lost several market shares to the competing operating system, iOS, but Google’s software continues to be the favorite program for smartphone owners. The small lead that Apple’s iOS has registered is due to the launching of the iPhone 5 version in October 2012, says CNET News.

Android is still the favorite software of smartphone owners even though Apple’s iOS seems to have gained territory in the past three months. A third of the mobile phones that were shipped in the past three months were provided with Google’s operating system, Android. The volume of Android based devices accounted for 34 percent of the shipped phones, whereas the iPhone smartphones amounted only to 11 percent.

Samsung continues to be the main provider of smartphones on the market even though the difference between the three companies is getting bigger and bigger. The sales percentage registered by Samsung is the biggest at present as the South Korean company managed to sell 74 million more handsets than the Cupertino company. Apple may be on the second position on a worldwide scale, but the company managed to sell 101 million more handsets than Nokia, which landed on the third place.

Samsung, Apple and Nokia have always been the biggest players on the market, so their presence in the 2012 charts is no surprise for analysts. The most unexpected improvement came from Lenovo, which grew 216 per cent in 2012 registering the greatest come back in the last two years. Sony, too, managed to get on the fifth position among the biggest smartphone makers.

Lenovo’s success was mainly registered in China where 98 percent of its mobile business is located. Apple followed in Lenovo’s footsteps and recently launched its iPhone and iPad in China. However, the two devices are not making a big impact as the sales in China have been rather small. Analysts believe Apple registered a small percentage because its phones are more expensive than the rest of the phones found on the Chinese market.

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