Android is the Most Popular Operating System in the World

The fact that Android’s dominance in the world is growing is no longer a surprise. This is nowadays the most popular operating system in the world, managing to beat iOS or Windows Phone and many others. 

Over the last three years, the popularity of the Android operating system has grown fantastically. The increase in global unit shipments of Android devices has actually corresponded with a decrease in sales of iOS products with no less than 3.6 percent, as reports reveal. 

The Android increased with almost 30 percent. Statistics reveal that new customers who purchase a smartphone better choose Android devices and not iOS products. Moreover, iOS clients who already have a device featuring this operating system tend to remain faithful to it. 

Naturally, analysts reveal that one of the most important reasons to explain this reality is the fact that Android smart devices can be found in a larger variety of products. Moreover, there are numerous Android smartphones that can be purchased at a very low price. 

This means that Android has devices at a diverse range of prices, which means that anyone may find a product to fit his needs or budget. Android offers a larger option of products for its clients, as well, so the offer is greater. Naturally, there are much more options than with the iOS or the Windows Phone. 

Even the high-end devices that Android offers are cheaper than the products that feature iOS. This helps Android be able to address a new category of individuals making it simple for anyone to have a smartphone.

All these facts have made numerous analysts say that the Android actually is the operating system of the future. 

Still, there are studies which reveal that iOS remains the most popular operating system among customers working in the corporate world. A study which reveals that Apple iOS is more popular in the corporate world than Android, actually shows that there still is a market that the Android has been unable to conquer, at least for now. 

However, the diversity of Android products is expected to grow which means that probably its popularity will increase even more.

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