Android Gets A New Ally Against iPhone: Ubuntu

Based on a recent report published by CNET News the competition between Android-based smartphones and iPhones might get a little bit tougher now. Google has just announced that their mobile platform has gained a new ‘ally’: the Ubuntu software.

Technological companies need to come up with something new every year, so they could stay ahead of their market rivals. Such is the case of Android makers, who are now trying to improve their platform in order to draw increasing more customers. After careful analyses, the company has come to the conclusion that they need to enrich Android with Ubuntu, a friendly version of Linux that is expected to appeal to the masses.

Judging by their past moves, we may easily infer that Android is trying to defeat the iPhone makers by expanding their features. Apple’s smartphone, on the other hand, plans to conquer its customers’ hearts by relying on simplicity. As a result, Ubuntu will make it easier for smartphone owners to browse the web, check their emails and download photos without affecting its performance.

In fact, Android makers expect Ubuntu to make smartphones act a little bit more like computers. Thanks to this program, phones will have a more full-featured desktop that will make them appropriate for multi-purpose uses. In addition, the company will be able to make more money by selling new smartphone accessories, such as, desktop docks.

Ubuntu for Android was introduced by Canonical during the Mobile World Congress in February. The announcement generated a lot of interest among companies, particularly wireless carriers. For them, Ubuntu is the solution they were looking for as phone owner will be forced to use powerful desktop applications that require more data than the previous ones.

Canonical doesn’t have to worry about the opinion of their customers as those who have tested Ubuntu were very pleased with the results. Moreover, corporate tech managers, consumers, and representatives from telcos and handset makers encouraged the production of Ubuntu for Android.

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