Andrew Keegan, not tasered by LAPD

Andrew Keegan, 32,  wants to set the record straight about Street Sessions incident on July 2, when the police in Marina Del Ray, Calif stopped at one the neighborhood parties.The actor says he was not tasered by the LAPD.

Us Weekly reports the version of the story of actor Andrew Keegan regarding the Street Sessions incident on July 2. The actor is a member of the C Street Organization, which organizes the Street Sessions ( for fundraising) in order to raise awareness of the charities important to our community” through.

The sessions consist in peaceful neighborhood gatherings where people enjoy their time together, having a drink, or talking. “It was the most peaceful gathering Keegan says. But around 5 p.m. the police arrived. The officers have been called for another party in the area. When about 50 LAPD officers got closer, the band that was onstage immediately stopped playing and the atmosphere became tense.

From there, “it just kind of escalated to something” Keegan explained. “[The police] have rights, and I have rights… It just really happened so fast that I didn’t even realize it.

So, what happened? The actor-organizer was handcuffed and taken to the station, cited for misdemeanor offense for loud music. Still, there was no complaint regarding the sound level of the music and according to Keegan, the company he is a member of worker hard to organize this event in the most official and legal way possible.

His team worked for hours to “cover all the basis”, including the community’s approval for the party and the permits for alcohol. He insists he was not tasered by the police.

He insists that it was only “a series of unfortunate circumstances” and says that this will not stop the plans of the fundraising neighborhood sessions “I really look forward to the opportunity to do it again, “ he told Us Weekly, “with a little bit more understanding [of] the powers that be,” he adds

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