Andrew Bailey traded to the Red Sox

Boston Herald announced that Andrew Bailey was traded to the Red Sox after the two parties reached an agreement on Wednesday. The move was included in a five-player deal that had been planned for weeks.

The two-time All Star told the press that running into the game from the bullpen at Fenway Park was one of the most important moments in his career. The second one took place in 2009 when Bailey was named Rookie of the Year after his first major league save for the Oakland Athletics. Luckily, the baseball pitcher will be able to make the Wednesday’s run with regularity thanks to the deal he signed with the Red Sox.

There were other important changes that the Red Sox made. The squad also welcomed outfielder Ryan Sweeney together with Bailey. On the other hand, they have decided to send outfielder Josh Reddick and minor league pitcher Raul Alcantara and first baseman Miles Head to Oakland.

The trade was announced on the three-month anniversary of the season-ending blown save by Jonathan Papelbon, Bailey’s predecessor. Papelbon bolted in free agency in November after signing a four-year contract that is worth $50 million.

Although Bailey is only 27 years old, he had very good results during the past three seasons. He has scored 75 saves and a 2.07 ERA. In addition, during his 45 career appearances against AL East teams, Bailey recorded a 2.18 ERA and 25 saves.

The Red Sox chose Bailey for the trade because he is much more affordable than the rest of the players. According to analysts’ declarations, the team is looking to stay under the $178 million luxury tax threshold. Moreover, the player will not be available for free agency until 2013, so he is a better variant for Red Sox.

Bailey’ salary will not be very big next year. According to analysts’ estimates, the right-hander made only $465,000 this year. His financial gains will be somewhat better next year because he is also eligible for arbitration. Given these circumstances, Bailey’s salary figures will amount to only about $2.5 million. 

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