“Anchorman 2” Teaser Trailer Released

Deadline reports that a new teaser trailer for the “Anchorman” sequel has been released this weekend. The short video is meant to bring back the main characters of the movie to the audience’s mind and to emphasize their main features.

When Will Ferrell first announced at the beginning of the year that there will be a sequel to “Anchorman”, people could not believe their ears. Meanwhile, producers and cast members started work to prove the world that the rumors were real. This weekend, they released the first domestic trailer in the attempt to leave people begging for more.

There isn’t much to say about the video because it is very short. In the beginning of the clip, the viewers get a little bit blinded by the light of reflectors, but as they begin to recover their sight, they distinguish the shadows of the four characters. Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Steve Carell and David Koechner are the four actors who can be identified in the trailer as soon as they approach the cameras.

The first to address the audience is, obviously, Will Ferrell who prepares women for a new ride with the “Palomino stallion”. His co-star, David Koechner announces people that the team will be broadcasting from a “hot tub full of scotch”, whereas Paul Rudd exclaims that “it’s gene creaming time”. Unlike his colleagues, Steve Carell is unable to come up with a line that could convince people his broadcast is going to be the best. He unsuccessfully tries to modify Rudd’s line by telling people that it’s going to be “cream in your jeans”. Ferrell corrects him and asks him to create an original line, but the only phrase that crosses his mind is “you’re gonna cream”. In the end, he sticks with a better description, even though not completely original: “this is gonna make you cream”.

The video is only one minute long, but it is enough to remind the audience who they are dealing with. Producers did not mention the release date of the movie, but it will definitely be on screen next year.

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