An Outcast Identified As Author In The Ohio School Shooting

Monday brought students at Chardon school in Ohio in the face of a huge drama and a significant shock. One student was killed and four others wounded after a teenager opened fire in the cafeteria. Now the police says they have identified the author in the Ohio school shooting as witnesses point out to an outcast named T.J. Lane.

Despite previous similar scenarios and attempts to prevent such events from ever happening again, parents cannot help wondering exactly how safe are their kids today. Supposedly schools should be the safest places to leave your kids for the working day, a facility that teaches not only the curriculum but also on how to address issues with diplomacy and consideration towards peers.

But Monday shocking Ohio school shooting is proof that today’s education facilities are failing to keep in touch with the reality, with our youngsters that have become ever more difficult to read and manage.

In the Ohio school shooting case there’s one aspect that seems mind-boggling. Apparently the author, T.J. Lane had told his colleagues about his plans a day or two before the event, but nobody took him seriously.

Furthermore, there were evidences of a nervous breakdown all over his social network profiles. In fact, as it is pointed out the day of the shooting, the outcast student posted on Twitter he will bring along a gun to school that day. Again, nobody seemed to be interested in his last call for help.

Now, after one student was killed and four other were wounded, T.J. Lane’s lawyer describes a “very, very scared and extremely remorseful” 17 year old boy. Lawyer Bob Farinacci stated: “He’s very confused. He is very upset. Um, he’s very distraught…himself. This is a very scary circumstance that I don’t think he could have possibly even foreseen himself in the middle of”.

Despite the clear signs that the 17 year old boy actually tried to warn somebody, but nobody took him seriously, the lawyer states that “this is something that could never have been predicted”.

Tuesday will be a no school day in Chardon as students, parents and the entire community tries to understand what happened and how could it have come to this.

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