An interesting plug called Zuli Smartplug

In the last year, the smartplug market has started to get bigger and bigger. Many famous companies have started to release interesting devices that will definitely help the user have an easier life. Zuli has released these days a new outlet that comes with some interesting new features. 

Moreover, if users will visit the company’s webpage, they will see a huge announcement that says: “Connect your lights and appliances to Zuli Smartplugs,” continued by “And enable them to adapt to your presence.” How? There is also an app, but many companies have released a smartplug that can be controlled through an app.

Well, Zuli has come with something more special, because this new smartplug has the ability to sense the user’s presence and react. Another huge advantage for Zuli is that it is the only major smart outlet that has the ability to work with Nest. This will be a huge advantage for Zuli, because this means that it is a responsible company and customers are looking for that. 

Moreover, the new Zuli Smartplug really has something special and offers satisfying results thanks to its Bluetooth technology and has a great app interface. Sadly, the new Zuli Smartplug is compatible just with iOS at the moment, but CEO Taylor Umphreys has declared that Android compatibility isn’t far off. 

So, this means that customers who are interested in Neast Learning Thermostat or other Google devices that will make the house smarter may consider to buy a Zuli Smartplug. Moreover, this small and intelligent device is available at the price of 60 dollars per plug. So, this is not an expensive price and it definitely is worth the money. Therefore, the setup is relatively simple, that’s way Zuli Smartplug doesn’t come with an instructional booklet into the package.

Why? Because the app will help users to set it up. So, each screen will give users a single instruction and let them follow it, then they have to swipe aside for the next screen. So, every process that pops up on the screen is very easy and it will take two or three minutes for the setup to be ready.

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