An innovative smart bulb, BeOn Starter

The new BeOn Starter is an innovative smart bulb that introduces some interesting new features on the market. BeOn Starter comes with a yellow module situated into the center of the bulb. What is that module? Well, it is a battery backup that will shine even if the power is off. 

Moreover, that module also has a microphone that listens for burglar alarm and doorbell, and also has a Bluetooth radio that will sync up with the user’s smartphone. So, this means that BeOn Starter is probably the smartest bulb on the market. 

Another interesting fact about the new BeOn Starter is that it has the capacity to learn the owner’s usage patterns. What does that mean? Well, the user will tell the system that he is away for the day, and BeOn Starter will replay the user’s typical lighting changes, so that everyone will think that he is at home. This is an interesting new feature, making BeOn Starter a security bulb. However, the built-in battery is also a great feature, because if the owner is coming home and wants to turn on the light, even if there is no power, the bulb will turn on. 

With so many good features, there also must be some minuses. For example, this new bulb comes at a high price, which means that it will not be an option for everyone. BeOn Starter is available at the price of 75 dollars, but customers who need about three of these will have to pay around 200 dollars. This is a high price, making everyone wonder if the bulb is really worth it. Moreover, BeOn Starter has some limitations, meaning that it can only be integrated with alarm systems or doorbells, and that’s it. Unfortunately, users cannot program a timed schedule and cannot integrate the bulb with a larger smart home platform. 

Overall, BeOn Starter is an interesting bulb that will help users secure their home or to have light, even if the power is off. The big question is if the 75 dollars price for a bulb will be worth paying.

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