An expanding Bluetooth speaker, named Philips Flex Bluetooth Speaker

Nowadays, the Bluetooth speakers market is probably filled with several models of speakers. Each speaker comes with a unique feature that tries to attract more clients. For example, the Sol Republic Punk’s speaker can be attached to almost anything and JBL Clip comes with an integrated carabiner for easy carry.

Philips has also launched a new Bluetooth speaker that is called the Flex Bluetooth Speaker. This is one of company’s many Bluetooth speakers and it comes with a promising 12-hour rechargeable battery and expandable sides, which Philips claims will enrich the audio experience of each user.

For now, this new Bluetooth speaker is available in only two color options: black and white and bright blue with a lime-green speaker grille. However, the company claimed that they will release a large variety of color options in the future. The funny part is that when the speaker is compressed, its size and shape are very small and can be compared with a flat hockey puck.

The Flex is similar in terms of size with the JBL Clip and the Logitech X100, and is designed to lie on its back with the speaker grille upward for a more clear sound. Philips also included in the package a shoelace-style lanyard tied to a hole, for users who want to hang the speaker to a belt or a backpack.

For Bluetooth speakers, simplicity is the most important key, that’s why this speaker is as easy as it gets to pair it to a device and play music. On the Flex, users will find only two buttons on the side, a round button that puts the speaker in pairing mode and a sliding trigger to toggle between the Bluetooth connection and the 3.5mm auxiliary port.

Probably, users who had in the past a Bluetooth speaker will realize the missing of a dedicated volume control buttons. The company declared that using a Bluetooth speaker means that users are not far away from their music source, so they can use the control levels from there.

As for sound quality, this Bluetooth speaker comes with only 2-watt drive inside, meaning that is unable to handle a lot of bass. However, users could get better sound quality if they will listen to music through an auxiliary cod.

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