Amy Winehouse’s Dad Talks About Singer’s Addiction

It was shocking news when Amy Winehouse died last year. Her death left many unanswered questions as fans, family and friends tried to cope with the news. Amy Winehouse’s dad, Mitch has agreed to write a book about her daughter’s life. He talked about the book and the singer’s addiction on “Piers Morgan Tonight”.

Amy Winehouse’s dad, Mith released yesterday, only one month before the one year anniversary of her death, a memoir about the singer’s life. “Amy, My Daughter” is not only an emotional account of a father’s attempt to understand his daughter’s alcohol and drug addiction. The book speaks harsh about the singer’s ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil as Mitch Winehouse blames him for introducing his daughter to class A drugs.

The book also talks about Amy Winehouse’s highly praised final studio album “Back to Black”. “It occurred to me recently that one of the biggest-selling UK albums of the 21st century so far is all about the biggest low-life that God ever put breath into” writes Mitch Winehouse in his book.

During his interview with Piers Morgan, Amy Winehouse’s father stood by his book. The host read him the passage above and Mitch confirmed it was true. “Amy was besotted with Blake for a period of time, and his way of showing how much he loved her, was to – in his own words – he introduced her to Class A drugs” he said. “She took to it like a duck to water” added Mitch Winehouse about his daughter’s addiction.

However, Mitch said he’s not blaming Blake Fielder-Civil for his daughter’s death, which he described as “a terribly unfortunate accident”. He wants his daughter’s ex-husband to take responsibility for introducing her to the drugs and starting her addiction.

“Whether she would have found her way to Class A drugs without him, who knows?” said Mitch, “but he stood up and said it was him, so, that’s who we point the finger at”.

In an interview with ABC News, Mitch added that although he’s blaming Blake for Amy’s addiction he knows he loved her. He loved Amy. He would never, ever in a million years have wanted this for Amy” he said.

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