Amy Winehouse, “death by misadventure”

On Wednesday, a British coroner set the cause of Amy Winehouse’s death as “misadventure”. The jazz diva passed away in late July and since then, there has been talks about the real cause of her death.  Now, Suzanne Greenway ruled Winehouse’s “death by misadventure”.

Even though many believed that the cause of Amy Winehouse’s death has been a drug overdose or alcohol intoxication, now, the cause is clear and has been made official. Following the death of the musician, the coroners did an autopsy in order to determine the cause of death. It was found that the levels of alcohol in the blood were extremely high. The values, 416 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood, were actually almost 5 times over the legal limit.

The high alcohol level can be connected to the information that the police officers provided about the room of the singer. According to a statement of detective Les Newman, Winehouse had three empty bottle of vodka around her bedroom.

It is known that Amy Winehouse has had trouble with alcohol since forever and lately she had made the decision to stop drinking. The trouble is, as her family and ex-boyfriend explained after her death, that she wouldn’t go into rehab, but try to do it on her own.  Dr. Christina Romete, Winehouse’s GP said that her patient had “resumed drinking” just one day before the tragedy occurred. “She was able to hold and follow conversations. She was looking forward to the future and we were talking about her birthday”, Dr. Romete added.

Amy Winehouse died on July23 at her home in Northern London. According to her father, Mitch, Amy came from after the appointment with the doctor, played the drums until the early hours of the morning and then went to sleep. She was checked by a security guard around 8 a.m. and was apparently asleep. But when she did not wake up all day, the ambulance was called. She was pronounced dead minutes after.

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  1. I hope that this will raise awareness to teens that over use of alcohol can be deadly. Amy Winehouse has done her fans a favor and shown them that alcohol abuse is deadly indeed.

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