Amy Senser Gets 41 Months In Jail Over Fatal Hit-and-Run


Last year, the wife of Joe Senser, former player for the Minnesota Vikings, was involved in a car accident. It was a hit-and-run accident, during which Amy Senser killed Anousone Phanthavong. This Monday Amy Senser got 41 months in jail over last year’s fatal-hit-and run.

During her court hearings, Amy Senser told the judge she didn’t even see Anousone Phantavong. From what Amy Senser figured, it must have been a pothole or perhaps a construction cone, and had she knew it was a 38-year-old man she hit, she would have stopped and helped. 

After the court ruled her sentence, Amy Senser told Phantavong’s mother as she hugged her: “I’m sorry…I hope you can believe me. I never saw your son that night, and if I had, I would have stopped to help him”. Joe Senser’s wife also told the victim’s mother she tattooed his name on her wrist.

Phanthavong family’s attorney James Ballentine said: “All that they’ve wanted in this criminal proceeding was for justice to be served and they’re thankful that that was accomplished”. Cindy Phantavong was also impressed with Amy Senser’s statement: “We felt a relief to [hear her] actually speak for herself and just hear her apology”.

The media coverage Amy Senser’s trial got prompted her 28-year-old stepdaughter to get involved. Brittani Senser said it was her that convinced her stepmother into admitting she was behind the wheels in the hit-and-run. This Tuesday, Joe Senser’s daughter said on “Good Morning America”: “I don’t feel like I forcer her. I was under the impression that my family was in complete compliance with authorities”.

However, Brittani Senser explained she got really angry when first media reports linked her to the accident. “When the news broke and there wasn’t a driver identified [there was] speculation that it could have been any of us. I told them, because I knew…that she had to take responsibilities for what she’d done” she added.

But her father, Joe Senser wasn’t as friendly with the media. During the trial, the former Minnesota Vikings player snapped at reporters. “What channel are you with. Why don’t you get a life?” he often told media reporters covering the trial.


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