American Idol Drops Jermaine Jones Over Concealing Arrests

Some of you have probably already fallen for Jermaine Jones and hoped he’d make it to the American Idol grand finale. But, as it turns out American Idol will drop Jermaine Jones over concealing arrests.

The news originally came from the 25 year old vocal instructor Jermaine Jones himself. On Tuesday night, Jones posted on his American Idol Twitter profile the following message: “I will no longer b on the show”. Later both the post and his Twitter profile have been deleted.

As TMZ reports it seems that producers with American Idol have become suspicious regarding Jermaine Jones accounts about his life after some controversy regarding some issues between him and his father. Basically after it has become sort of official that Jermaine was abandoned by his dad, media sources such as TMZ looked into the matter only to find out that the two have been speaking and seeing each other on a regular basis.

Based on that discrepancy, producers began investigating Jermaine Jones past. And they found enough to kick him off the show. Apparently, Jermaine failed to mention he had a criminal track record or that he was arrested two times in 2011.

This morning, the internet was already roaming with alleged crime offences that Jermaine Jones undertook. The Smoking Gun wrote that the American Idol candidate was even wanted in three countries for not appearing in court. In 2006, police busted Jermaine Jones for narcotics possession and two years later his track record was completed with an open container charge. Just one year later, apparently Jermaine Jones was busted once again but gave the cops a fake name.

It would be interesting to find out exactly what Jermaine Jones was thinking when he concealed his criminal history. First of all, he’s not the first American Idol candidate to be disqualified for concealing arrest records or detrimental personal history accounts. Secondly, being on American Idol means national media coverage and a huge invasion of private life. So if there’s anything you’d like to kept hidden, it’s very likely it will become news headlines soon and end careers.

For now the report remains unofficial, but all sources indicate that Jermaine Jones will be disqualified during today’s American Idol show.

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