“American Idol” At Crossroads After Tyler’s Exit

The evolution of the talent show “American Idol” is at crossroads after Steven Tyler announced his exit on Thursday evening. According to Us Weekly, the rock star will return to his first love: rock music, so he won’t be able to take part in the upcoming season.

Steven Tyler is a good television man, judging by his recent appearances in the “American Idol”. Nevertheless, he is a much more talented and passionate musician, which is why he will return to his band to prepare new materials in the upcoming months. His decision to leave the show has influenced other judges, as well, and now the future of the “Idol” is uncertain.

Given the changes that are expected to take place in the format of the broadcast, the 12th season of the talent show will be totally different than what we have seen so far. Tyler’s announcement was very brief because he didn’t want to say anything except for the fact that he has chosen to put music ahead of the show which he described as an “over-the-top” experience. He concluded by informing fans that Aerosmith is preparing a nationwide tour and an album for the fall.

Jennifer Lopez was very saddened to hear that Tyler has departed the show. The announcement left her wondering whether she should end the collaboration, as well. JLo stated that she grew very fond of Tyler in the past two years and she can’t imagine herself sitting next to anyone else besides the Aerosmith frontman. If we were to make a suggestion… they should probably hire a young dancer in Tyler’s place. It’s the safest way to keep Lopez on the show.

Even if she decides to leave, Jennifer Lopez has had a lot to win from her “American Idol” participation. She made $12 million thanks to the contract she has signed. In addition, the televised appearance turned out to be a real career-booster for her.

Mike Darnell, the president of Fox’s alternative entertainment, told the press that they knew Tyler would leave the show because he is a rock legend. They do not regret Steven’s decision even though they will spend the following months looking for someone to substitute him. 

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