AMC renews “Hell On Wheels”

Deadline announced on December 27 that AMC will renew “Hell On Wheels” in order to create a second season. The decision was taken by the producers of the show due to the success that the series registered in the past months. The original show is the second highest rated series on AMC with an average of 3.2 million viewers and 1.5 million adults between 25 and 54 years old. The final episode of the first season will air on Sunday, January 15th at 10pm EST.

For those who haven’t watched the show yet, “Hell On Wheels” is set in the post-Civil War America. The protagonist is a Confederate soldier (Anson Mount) who seeks to revenge his wife after being killed by the Union soldiers. He travels west to “Hell On Wheels”, a town where the first transcontinental railroad is being constructed. The series is thus, able to examine all the corruption and illegal problems that America was facing back then.

“Hell On Wheels” was written and created by Joe and Tony Gayton. The latter was also the executive producer of the show. The large group of executive producers also included John Shiban, Jeremy Gold, Endemol’s SVP of scripted programming and David Von Ancken who also directed the pilot.

Anson Mount is Cullen Bohannon, the protagonist of the series. Colm Meaney plays Thomas “Doc” Durant, an entrepreneur who would do everything to take advantage of the changing times and make more money. Common gives a good interpretation of the character Elam Ferguson. Ferguson is a slave who works to achieve freedom in a world full of prejudice.

The serial also discusses the status of women in the post-Civil War America through Lily Bell, the character interpreted by Dominique McElligott. Bell is a newly-widowed woman going through various struggles in order to survive in a man’s world. Joseph Black Moon, on the other hand, is the Native American character interpreted by Eddie Spears. The viewer of the show comes to understand the sacrifices that Native Americans made when they had to leave their cultures aside and adapt to the changing world around them with the help of this character.

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