Amber Portwood Is Back In Jail

Earlier this month, the media was all over the news that Amber Portwood got out of jail. Well, all I’ve got to say is that this “Teen Mom” doesn’t really enjoy her freedom. Amber Portwood is back in jail after admitting in curt she can’t stay clean.

Less than a week ago, “Teen Mom” star Amber Portwood was making the headlines with her release from jail. She seemed pretty eager to get back to her life and looked determined to “join the military”. At least that’s what her brother told E!Online after she finished her staying behind bars for violating the terms of a previous probation. At only 22 years old, Amber Portwood has quite a history with judges and prison sentences.

The final season of “Teen Mom” is set to start in only a few weeks. On June 12 the show should premiere its final season on MTV, and Amber Portwood is quite the train wreck. In fact, given that she couldn’t keep on schedule with her rehabilitation program she is looking at a five-year sentence behind bars.

Yesterday, Amber Portwood had a hearing during which she told the judge she’d rather stay in jail than continue the strict drug rehabilitation program. TMZ writes that “Amber told the judge she hadn’t stayed clean since he sentenced her to rehab…and will always be a bad girl – so she’d rather just face the 5-year prison sentence the judge originally gave her”.

It seems the judge agreed with Portwood and she is currently kept in custody. However, the “Teen Mom” star still has a few weeks before her sentencing, so she’s got just enough time to change her mind. On the other hand, maybe the 22-year-old finally came to terms with the reality and since she can’t stay off drugs on her own, prison time might help.

Earlier this year, when Portwood was fighting the five-year sentence she told the judge she want to clean up her bad girl act and get her family back. “I have been doing pills for eight years, since I was 13, and since then I have never been drug free until I detoxed” the “Teen Mom” star told the court. “I think about my daughter all the time and I did not really do that before, I always thought about when I was going to get more pills”.

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