Amber Heard Sues Doug Stanhope for Comments on Johnny Depp Separation

Amber Heard decided to file a lawsuit against her estranged husband’s friend, Doug Stanhope. So, Amber filed the lawsuit against Doug Stanhope, after his comments on the former couple’s relationship. Doug previously claimed that Amber threatened and blackmailed Johnny Depp. 

Doug made the claims in a guest article he wrote for TheWrap. The comedian claimed that Amber blackmailed and used Johnny Depp throughout their marriage, but the actress was not happy at all with these claims. So, Amber filed a defamation lawsuit against the comedian. The news on the lawsuit filing were revealed by a lawyer for Amber, in an official statement. 

“Amber Heard filed a lawsuit today in the Arizona Superior Court for the County of Cochise,” the statement indicated. “The defendant is Doug Stanhope, a resident of that county. The Complaint alleges that Stanhope is a close friend of Johnny Depp and, as part of a coordinated effort, wrote a highly defamatory article about Ms. Heard, filled with completely false, highly defamatory and very hurtful statements,” it went on to add. 

Apparently, Amber Heard wants as much as she can get from a potential favorable ruling. “Ms. Heard seeks the maximum possible jury award, and will donate 100 percent of the proceeds from the lawsuit to Chrysalis, a domestic violence shelter in Arizona, in an effort to counter the setback made to women by the defendants’ defamatory article and related wrongful acts,” Amber’s lawyer’s statement said. 

Once again, Amber, through the voice of her lawyer and the legal proceedings she filed, indicated that she has been abused by her famous husband. The star claimed that Johnny has been abusive towards her for several years. The lawsuit also indicated that Johnny hit his estranged wife on numerous occasions, threw objects at her and even tried to suffocate her with a pillow. Of course, the lawsuit said that Amber feared for her life. 

The lawsuit also seemed to answer the question why Amber has not left Johnny Depp sooner, if he has been so abusive. Well, the legal papers indicated that the actress hoped that the Hollywood star would finally change his behavior.

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