Amber Heard Could be Dating a Musician

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp have separated quite some time ago. And the two have surely been through an ugly divorce battle. Since the split, Amber has been linked to famous Tesla founder Elon Musk, but the rumors were not confirmed. Now, it seems that the popular actress might be ready to move on. The rumors are saying that she has started dating a musician. 

The new man in Amber Heard’s life is said to be Brandon McCulloch. However, according to In Touch, Amber might only want to get revenge on her former husband, Johnny Depp. In Touch talked to a source allegedly close to the stars, who said that Amber and Brandon were spotted together as they were grabbing a meal in Los Angeles. Furthermore, the insider revealed that the musician has been telling his friends that he is dating the beautiful actress. 

However, it seems that Brandon’s friends don’t actually believe that Amber is committed to this relationship, but they think that she is just using the musician to “rile Johnny up.” At least this is what the source has told the celebrity site. “She knows how to push Johnny’s buttons,” the source explained. “This might just be a fling, but Amber is vindictive and knows stepping out in public with Brandon, who was a guest at her wedding, will hit a nerve with Johnny,” the same insider went on to add. 

As imagined, there is no official confirmation or denial from Amber Heard on the report. However, as usual, Gossip Cop did issue a denied. The celebrity site said that the whole story was untrue and there is nothing going on between Amber and Brandon. The site claimed that another source told them that Amber and Brandon are just friends. 

And if Amber has not talked about the report, Brandon decided to comment on the claims. He also dismissed the rumors and said that he and Amber are only friends, through a Twitter message. “I’ve been friends w Amber for 12+ years! We’ve had many lunches and will likely have more,” Brandon shared on Twitter.

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