Amazon Unveils Echo

Looks like Amazon doesn’t just want to be there when you want to buy something, it wants to be your personal assistant whenever you need some help. The giant retailer has unveiled its newest device called Amazon Echo. This device is a stationary tower activated by the word “Alexa”. Inspired by a homepage to the library of Alexandria, Alexa is similar to other known digital assistants, such as Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri and Google’s Google Now.

“We think it makes everyday life a bit easier — when you have a question or want to do something, all you have to do is ask,” a company spokeswoman declared. This is definitely an ambitious project for Amazon. Echo is a device with hardware that goes alongside the software. Amazon knows this type of market more than anyone else. This giant retail turned the eBook industry in its own personal field with the Kindle. Unfortunately, the smartphone, tablet and streaming hardware spaces have not been a huge success for Amazon.

With the release of Echo, Amazon has made a huge step in this direction. If the device is well done, this initiative could become a huge reason for many people to move over to Amazon. Echo is a speaker cylinder with unique tech tucked under the volume dial. Featuring seven microphones and a connection to the internet, Echo could be the voice interface for your home. These great microphones guarantee you far-field voice recognition, so you can speak in every corner in the room. Echo is a great personal assistant, because it can help you do your grocery list, set alarms, ask for local news or any other curiosities and it can maintain your To Do list. Amazon’s new device must be plugged in a central location in your house and with the help of Amazon’s Echo app, your lists are sync with your web browser or your personal phone.


Amazon Echo shows a lot of promise and you are attempted to buy this device even if you are the type of person that keeps your phone on at all time. With a simple voice command, all your family members would be able to use it as a message board, grocery tracker or as music player.

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