Amazon Said To Launch Smartphone In September

Secrecy is the word that describes best the situation at Amazon headquarters these days. It may be a smartphone, it may be a new Kindle, one thing’s for sure: Amazon is going to launch a new gadget this September.

With an invitation which only says “Please join us for an Amazon Press Conference”, Amazon left everyone in the darkness and speculations are on the rise. Some specialists say Amazon is going to launch a smartphone in September, some say it’s going to be the new Kindle Fire 2.

According to Forbes magazine, Amazon as well as Google’s Motorola Mobility and Hewlett Packard could launch a new series of smartphones ready to be put for sale for the holiday season. The Amazon smartphone launch would or could happen on September 6, at the press conference in Santa Monica, California.

According to IT analysts, the Amazon smartphone would run on an already existing operating system, maybe something from the top developers. So the Amazon smartphone is more than sure to work on iOS, Android or Windows mobile. However, Google might be the frontrunner seeing as the Amazon tablet is running on Android OS.

Although a smartphone by Amazon could easily pick up sales, analysts believe the company is going to meet a challenge. It will be practically impossible to engage in m-commerce the same way they did with Kindle.

Don’t expect that the first generation of smartphones produced by Amazon to be a total blast or the next big thing in the gadget world. It takes more than a day to take down top developers such as Apple or Samsung. It’s believed that the new device will be among the lower class ones with a max price of $200.

But until the conference in September, we will just have to wait and speculate what the world’s most revolutionary commerce entrepreneur has in mind. After all, it may only be the new Kindle Fire which is not so bad after all. Considering Amazon’s experience in creating new and catchy devices such as tablets and e-readers we might just have the opportunity to see a hybrid.

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  1. An Amazon smart phone could make sense IF they also did a deal with a carrier to provide 4G type service to their tablet like they initially did with wispernet.

    There is a number of 2nd and 3rd generation smartphone buyers who would trade off features for price.

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