Amazon Kindle Phone to be released in June

Amazon will be releasing a smartphone this summer. The Amazon Kindle Phone will actually be presented in June, although the company claimed that it will become available in sale only in September. 

Analysts claim that the fact that Amazon has been doing quite well when it comes to the tablet market has determined the company focus its attention on the smartphone segment. So, there is no wonder that it is reported that Amazon is already working at the release of a Kindle phone. 

If the rumors are true this will be the first phone released by Amazon. Still, having under consideration its success, we can only expect for this release to be an impressive one, as well. CNBC reported that Amazon will officially present its new product this summer. 

However, we should only wait to see it in sale starting with this autumn. It is claimed that Amazon intends to start shipping its phone by the end of September. 

As expected, the new phone will come with a brand new impressive feature. It is reported that the Amazon Kindle phone will come with a 3D display that will not require glasses. If this is true, this will actually be the first phone to introduce such a feature. 

Moreover, it is said that this phone will be an impressive device. The upcoming Kindle phone comes with a fingerprint scanner, reports reveal. The Kindle phone is also expected to feature a heavily-skinned Android platform in which Google Play Store access is limited. 

Naturally, it is expected for other details regarding this new device to be released in the following period. Most likely, Amazon will impress with some new features, but it is yet to see what these features will be. 

The release of an Amazon phone has been expected for quite some time now. Maybe this summer is the moment when the reports will be confirmed. Naturally, Amazon revealed nothing at this point, so they avoided to talk about the new rumors. Most likely, they will not confirm the release of the new Kindle phone. 

An Amazon phone has been rumored for quite some time. Last fall speculation increased on the potential release of this new device. 

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