Amazon has released the new Fire TV

The streaming video market is filled with devices from famous companies. These new video streamers are fighting against each other to offer customers the best video quality and a larger library of movies, TV shows and music. Amazon is also one of the companies that have entered the battle. 

The new Fire TV is now available for sale and it comes with some interesting features. However, the new Amazon Fire TV was not released to offer TV shows and movies from famous providers like Hulu or Netflix, but to introduce uses into Amazon’s own streaming content. 

To be added that the new Amazon Fire TV also has some serious competitors on the market, like the new Apple TV and Roku. However, nowadays, almost all streamers are sharing the same apps, but Amazon is probably the only streamer that pushes users to access its own video store. 

This doesn’t mean that Apple TV is not pushing users to use the iTunes store. The new Amazon Fire TV also has some interesting advantages compared to other streamers, like a good parental control and excellent support. To be added that the new streamer also comes with the next-generation 4K video, meaning that it is compatible with most 4K TVs on the market. 

Another interesting feature that comes with the new Amazon Fire TV is the voice assistant feature, called Alexa. This new feature turns out to be really useful and has some interesting tricks, like replying adding stuff to a to-do list and replying to questions about what game is today or how it is the weather. The new Amazon Fire TV is available at the price of 100 dollars and it is excellent especially for heavy Amazon users. 

Amazon also released a new Fire TV Gaming Edition. The most significant difference between this device and the original Fire TV is that it comes with a game controller, two free games and 32GB SD card. Unfortunately, the Gaming Edition model doesn’t come with the voice remote. This model is available at the price of 140 dollars. 

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