Amanda Seyfried dreams about having babies

Actress Amanda Seyfried, 25, dreams that one day she would have her won husband and babies. But even though she is already imagining how that would be like, she says that at the moment, she is not planning on it, US Weekly reports.
In a recent interview to British Look magazine, Amanda Seyfried opened up about her plans of motherhood. “I can’t wait to have kids“, she says, but at the same time “I have to keep myself in check”.  The “In Time” star adds that she will not be having a baby “any time soon!” so, until motherhood kicks in, Amanda will enjoy spending time with children and upgrading her mommy skills. “I love spending time with babies and daydreaming what it’s going to be like for me”. That’s a good start!

Until she’ll have her own offspring, Amanda experiments childcare with her dog, Finn. “[He] is my baby”, she said. “I treat him like a child! I think this is easier for now”.
At the moment, Amanda Seyfried is dating real estate exec Andrew Joblon. In the past she has dated Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard and British actor Dominic Cooper.

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