Amanda Knox announced the arrival of her first child with husband Christopher Robin

Congratulations on becoming a parent. Amanda Knox announced the arrival of her first child along with spouse Christopher Robin on Friday, 22nd October.

They kept news of the birth of Eureka Knox-Robinson under wraps because of privacy concernsup to now. “I’m still nervous about the paparazzi bounty on [my daughter’s] head,” Knox 34, who is a mother, told The New York Times on Friday. “I am excited that I don’t have to continue pretending I’m not mommy. Because, it’s like my brain is there.”

The Waiting to Be Heard author posted a picture of her baby on Instagram on the same day. explaining the photo “will be the only picture of her I ever share on social media.”

The caption wrote, “Since my exoneration, I’ve been trying to recover my identity, and to protect my family and friends from being used in tabloid content. It’s not easy and often I feel that I’m trying invent the best possible choices from entire cloth. I’m aware that I won’t be able to 100 % protect my little girl from all the sort of abuse I’ve experienced however I’m doing the best I can.”

The “Truth About True Crime” podcast host concluded her segment by thanking everyone who wished Robin and Robin “well in our journey towards parenthood. Thank you for trusting that we are worth it.”

Knox is most famous for her exoneration from the Italian Supreme Court after being wrongly accused of murdering her ex-roommate Meredith Kercher in 2007. The Washington native, as well as the ex of her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito were subsequently cleared of the crime in the year 2015.

Knox noticed numerous similarities between her experiences and Matt Damon’s July film, Stillwater — but Knox tweeted that she wasn’t informed prior to the release of the film.

“Does my name belonged to me? My face? What is my story? What is my story?” Knox wrote via Twitter at the time. “Why is my name a reference to things I did not have a involvement in? I continue to ask these questions since others continue to profit from my name, my face and even my story without my knowledge. … My story is not being heard. was not allowed to return to my relatively anonymity I enjoyed prior to Perugia. My only choice is to stand by as others distort my character , or fight to bring back my reputation which was destroyed in error. It’s a long and difficult fight. I’m sure I won’t win. But I’ve been there before. I’ve experienced what it’s like confronting impossible odds.”

After she and Sollecito 37, who was exonerated in the year 2015 they were released. Scarlet Letter Reports host subsequently was married with Colin Sutherland. She later began to see Robin after breaking up with her long-time friend.

Robin offered her to Knox in November of 2018. They tied their wedding vows in the month of February in Washington.

Then, in July same year The couple talked on their “Labyrinths: Getting Lost With Amanda” podcast host’s miscarriage that is “haunt[ing]” Knox.

“I thought I knew exactly what I want to do with my first pregnancy and [to] have it not come to fruition, not through choice, felt like a betrayal,” she informed her audience at the time. “Do I have poor eggs? Am I too old? Was something wrong with me in the prison in Italy? When I realized that it wasn’t alive I attempted to separate these two concepts within my head. It wasn’t my child, and it has no name. …”I do not know the baby and I doubt I’ll ever.”

Knox said, “I don’t know who this baby was. I’m not sure if it’s possible to ever be able to tell. It’s an odd idea. We were sat in the issue for a while trying to make it work.”

The next year, Knox and Robin announced they were expecting by sharing a video of them waiting to hear the results of the pregnancy test. “Thank goodness!” Knox was heard shouting. “We did it!”

Via US Magazine

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