Amanda Bynes Shares Selfie on Twitter

Famous actress Amanda Bynes recently tweeted a photo of herself, wearing sunglasses. This actually is the first time when the star shares a photo of herself on the social media site, following the most recent scandal in which she has been involved. 

Amanda Bynes made a reappearance on Twitter after 26 days. The 28 year old actress was going through a tough time and it seems that she decided to remain silent during this period. Now, she shared a perfectly normal Tweet, such as if nothing had happened. This is quite unexpected, as Amanda has used all of us to make shocking statements on the famous social networking site. 

Amanda shared her tweet on Saturday afternoon, when she was at a clothing boutique store in Los Angeles. Apparently, the star just wanted to share the fact that she is ready to shop. “I’m loving Boutique Jules!” her post said. And it seems that the shop has nothing bad to say about the actress. They claimed that Amanda is a lovely girl and the best “customer we have had so far.”  

Amanda previously admitted that she is suffering from bipolar disorder, but she is on the road to recovery now. A few weeks ago, the star tried to correct some of her mistakes and she issued a public apology to her parents, Lynn and Rick. Previously, Amanda accused her father of abusing her as a child. She also said that her parents are living off her money and the young actress was so mad at them that she even claimed that she wanted to kill them. 

Later, Amanda revealed that she realized that she made a terrible mistake. “I’m sorry I trusted people who clearly were not my friends and capitalized on my illness,” Bynes said in a statement. “I am doing my best to get better. I am truly sorry for the statements I made. I am sorry for any pain I caused my family and others.”

Amanda Bynes was released from treatment at the end of October. The star is well known for her Amanda Show on Nickelodeon, but she is also known for her roles in movies such as What a Girl Wants, Hairspray and She’s the Man. 

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